60 Units Sold With Zero Face-to-Face Interaction

Eric Pedretti | 09/17/2020

Yup, you read that right. A couple months ago, we had a client sell 60 units through text with zero face-to-face interaction on 328 text conversations with Customer Connections with their showroom closed! 

Customer Connections enables texting on your main business line so customers can text into the dealership to inquire about a unit, book service or order parts.

If you look at your Google Analytics, you'll probably find 80% of your website traffic is looking at inventory but only 1-2% actually fill out a form. We're proving customers are much more likely to text about a unit than fill out a web form because they know it will result in a phone call from the dealership; something they want to avoid at all costs. In the same month our client generated 328 text conversations, their website generated a total of 50 unit leads. The addition of Customer Connections generated a whopping 6 times the number of leads!


Customers Start the Conversation

Customers will start the conversation with you by choosing Sales, Service or Parts from your website.


Department texts are automatically routed to your individual department managers and their teams. First rep to answer it handles it! 


Desk Deals From Start to Finish

Many dealerships were closed or not fully open for most of the spring selling season; requiring them to figure out how to improvise, adapt and overcome to find creative ways to continue selling units. As dealers became overwhelmed with customers and leads this Spring and early Summer, Customer Connections helped make their staff much more efficient. Think about it, how many phone calls can you handle at once? One of course. But the same sales rep can be working up to a dozen or more deals all at once! Grabbing a driver’s license from one customer, texting a finance application to another, swapping photos of trades and the unit the customer is interested in with another, negotiating terms with another, or even giving driving directions to the dealership with another customer all at once! Below is a real text thread from one of our clients closing a deal through text.


Reach Thousands of New Prospects Through Social Media Integration


In addition to enabling texting on your website, Customer Connections also drastically increases your reach on social media with our Photo With Purchase feature. Did you know the average Facebook user has 281 friends? Every time you sell a unit, simply snap a photo of the happy customer and hit send. It automatically adds pictures of happy customers to social media and gives them directions to tag themselves in the photo, to get your dealership in front of their friends and family members to increase referrals and sell more units! 


Grow Google My Business Reviews

Last but not least, it will also automatically post that photo to your Google My Business Page and text customers asking for a review to grow your Google Reviews. Google recently increased the weight your GMB Reviews play in your primary website organic ranking by 20%! Google continues to move towards a zero click search results making it more important than ever before to be optimizing your page. Growing reviews and adding hundreds of smiling photos from happy customers who just purchased from you is the best way to do that, and all it takes is a quick photo and hitting the send button! You can also automatically grow reviews to other review sites online to make your dealership the obvious choice in your market to do business with.


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