Case Study: Camper's RV Center

Tia Robinson | 06/25/2019


For more than 30 years, Campers RV Center has been the Ark-La-Tex’s only full-service RV dealer, and they’re the only dealer that has a campground on site. When customers buy an ATV, Boat, RV, UTV or PWC from Campers RV Center they can feel confident that they’re dealing with some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry.

As part of their commitment to providing their local customers the best in all things outdoor fun, they make sure their marketing efforts mirror the kind of quality, inventory and service customers can expect.


JR Liverman, the Chief Operating Officer and Carey Brown, the Marketing Manager worked closely with the Firestorm Website support team to build and launch their custom website at the beginning of the year.  After seeing about a 25% boost in leads each month with their new Firestorm Website, they wanted to take advantage of the Marketing Automation element of their Digital Marketing program as well.

By combining Firestorm Email to their Firestorm Website, they are able to have emails automatically sent to their customer list every week showcasing their Featured inventory for the week. This feature is set up to run automatically and drive major traffic to their site each week, all without lifting a finger.


By activating the Automated Inventory emails through Firestorm Email, the Campers RV Center website has seen a boost of an addition 250+ website visitors in just 2 weeks! That’s an extra 250 people on the Inventory pages of their website browsing featured units that are being prompted by an email that is chalked-full of featured inventory images and single, clear call to action driving traffic to the site.  

Email continues to be one of the highest ROI’s in direct-marketing channels, and it’s even more powerful when it is done-for-you on a consistent basis and increases website traffic to drive more leads.

Does your website send automatic inventory emails to your customers?  Do you have an email platform with marketing automation features that increase website traffic and drive quantifiable leads?  If not, give us a call today. We’d love to show you how Firestorm Websites combined with the Firestorm Email platform can save you time, increase website traffic and generate more leads at a higher quality: 877-242-4472.

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