Case Study: Sloan's Motorcycle & ATV

Tia Robinson | 04/05/2019


Sloan’s has been serving the Nashville area for more than 58 years. They pride themselves on not only providing the best selection of powersports toys for competitive pricing, but they also take great care of their customers after the sale.  It’s part of the magic that makes their customers so loyal and makes Sloan’s such an industry icon. But, it’s just a part of what goes into continuing to grow and build a successful customer-focused business in the powersports industry.  Curtis Sloan is constantly looking for ways to innovate and drive high quality ROI for any programs or resources brought into the dealership. He’s looking to drive sales & profits for the dealership, so his team can continue to provide outstanding products and service to their local customers.


Sloan’s has been a long-time client of PSM Marketing, implementing different elements of the direct-marketing initiatives available for powersports dealers.  Sometimes, Curtis will use all the marketing levers available to him, including the Sharp Shooter Program, the LWD program and the Firestorm website.  Other times, he’ll modify the levers he uses to ensure the highest balance of budget and lead generation (and follow-through) for the dealership.  One of the most powerful combinations for ROI that Sloan’s consistently uses is the Automated Emails through Firestorm Email, combined with the Onboarding element on his Firestorm Website. 

Through the Onboarding technology, when a customer visits an inventory page on, they will get a dropped into an automated marketing email sequence.  This gives the Sloan’s team multiple opportunities to reach out a customer who has not yet filled out a form on their site but who is placed further down the sales funnel based on their website browsing history.

And then the automated marketing does the heavy lifting by emailing customers and inviting them into the dealership – without the sales and marketing folks having to lift a finger.  It’s all set up and running seamlessly in the background to continue generating more and higher quality leads for the dealership


The team at Sloan’s can see every onboarded customer who visited their site and track their activity.  This technology allows the team to see that this customer “George” recently purchased a Goldwing (customer photo taken with the Reviews & Rankings Mobile App).

But, since buying this bike last summer, George has been on over 100 times in the past 30 days.  In the Onboarding screen of the LWD program, the sales team can see EXACTLY which vehicles George is looking at and what pages he’s visiting.

Plus, George is getting automated emails sent to him as part of the Marketing Automation email sequence set up in the Firestorm email platform – which encourages George to return to the website and to visit the dealership. 

Most of the challenges with marketing is the time to implement.  With the onboarding technology linked up with Firestorm Email platform, Curtis is able to hyper-target his marketing to people who are most likely to make a vehicle purchase….soon.

This is just one example of the 600+ customers that have been browsing the site in the past 30 days alone.  Does your email marketing platform and website combination provide you with this level of killer customer and lead content?  If not, we’d love to show you how this technology works.

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