Case Study: Adamec Harley-Davidson®

Tia Robinson | 11/28/2017




Harley-Davidson motorcycles are in the blood of the Adamec Family.  The owners are 3rd generation Harley riders and plan to carry their family tradition far into the future.  One way this die-hard family of Harley enthusiasts has stayed true to their mission is by creating riders in their market who are just as passionate about the brand as they are.  With the help of their Marketing Director, Sarah Blaylock, the Adamec Harley-Davidson family wants to continue to bring their enthusiasm to the Jacksonville area and continue to grow the Harley family.



Sarah uses email marketing as one of the many tools in her arsenal to create an integrated marketing strategy to drive new traffic to her website each month.  She’s been using the industry’s only powersports-specific email system, Firestorm Email, to create killer emails each month to send to her ever-growing email list. She incorporates the fun new templates into her emails each week to ensure the theme taps into the conversation already going on in her customers’ heads, such as: Americana, Labor Day, 2018 New Models, Harley-Davidson, Back to School, etc.


Plus, Sarah activated the Marketing Automation feature within Firestorm email and is now automatically sending an email to customers who visited a new or used inventory page of the Adamec Harley website the previous day, and inviting them down to the dealership for a 1:1 demo ride.  So, her sales team is getting appointments set for the dealership without having to lift a finger!



Through the Firestorm Email system, Sarah sees an open rate of about 11% on a consistent basis, and her click through rate is averaging about 12%!  That’s HUGE!  A strong Click Through Rate is typically about 6-8%.  Sarah is creating emails through Firestorm with DOUBLE those averages.


And even more powerful are the Marketing Automation emails – In just 1 week, the system automatically sent an email to 390 customers who had visited an inventory page of their website.  Of those customers, Sarah set FIVE demo ride appointments for her sales team.  Wow!  That’s just one week – and the emails were done automatically.  That is some impressive email marketing that WORKS!


Does your email marketing campaign generate those kinds of quantifiable leads for your sales department? If not, give us a call today to see how Firestorm email can make a huge impact in your website traffic and online leads: 877-242-4472.



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