Case Study: Kent Powersports of Austin - Kyle, TX

Tia Robinson | 06/21/2018




There are few things in life that create passionate enthusiasts like the powersports industry does. That is one of the main reasons that, Major League Baseball All-Star, Jeff Kent launched Kent Powersports. He recognized that there is no better place to create a living than surrounded by fellow enthusiasts who shared his passion. The great part about Kent Powersports is that it’s not just the customers that share the passion, it’s the team as well. It’s evident in how they treat their customers, how they run their business, and the quality brands that they stock in their multi-location showrooms. However, General Manager, Brad Zeeff knows that today’s customers are more educated than ever before and they do their research online well before stepping foot into the dealership’s showroom. Which is why he ensures that his website reflects the incredible selection of powersports and the unique flare of the dealership’s personality. 




Brad took the opportunity to have a custom designed website built for him on the new Firestorm Website platform. While the previous Kent Powersports of Austin website did a pretty good job, Brad was looking for something that would stand out more and ultimately generate more leads. 


Firestorm Websites are focused on generating more, better-quality leads with laser-sharp clarity.  They don’t get distracted by buttons, bells, whistles, or gizmos.  They drive units leads, which drives profit. 


Kent Powersports is passionate about their business and the industry, but they know not to invest in something unless it generates a quantifiably positive ROI, no matter how cool it may seem.  So, signing up for a Firestorm Website (effectively, the new kids on the block in the website space for powersports dealers) was a small leap of faith.  But, that leap was padded by the proven increase in leads that other early-adopter Firestorm Website dealers are seeing.


The sales team doesn’t have to remember to post to Facebook or ask for a review. The Reviews & Rankings app does it all, automatically, for them.




Since launching their new Firestorm Website in April this year, not only does the site exude the unique All-Star personality of the dealership, but it has also seen an average 30% increase in leads each month over their previous website.


The leads rolling in this time of year are usually on the upward swing due to the seasonality of the industry.  For Kent Powersports of Austin, they generated 32% more leads in April 2018 than they did in April 2017.  The success continued in May with a 29% increase in leads over May 2017. At the time this article was written, June is shaping up to have well over a 32% increase in leads.  According to many dealers, the industry is ‘down’ right now.  But, the team at Kent’s Powersports of Austin are defying those rumors with the leads rolling in from their new Firestorm Websites.  They took a leap of faith and joined the ranks of early-adopters seeing BIG return on their investment.


Does your website cut through the clutter and focus on generating leads? Does it represent your dealership and make it easy for customers to convert?  If not, we’d love to show you what makes Firestorm Websites so different from any other website option in the industry. 


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