Bullseye Program

Multi-Channel Marketing

The Bullseye program puts your dealership in-front of thousands of your most viable prospects by utilizing several online and offline strategies. We boost traffic to your website. We get prospects to self-identify if they’re interested in buying something from you right now. We automatically send your website inventory visitors a buy-back email. Then our internal call center picks up the phone and sets appointments and generates Hot Leads for your team.

Identify Active, Inactive & Conquest Riders in Dealer's Top-Performing Zip Codes
Past Customers Re-targeted in Facebook & Instagram
3 Programmatic Emails sent to Past Customers
Prospects Self-Identify if they are in the Market
Completed Surveys & Email Clicks are Onboarded (Connect Device ID to customer information to track inventory page visits)
Inventory Page Visitors Receive a 1-to-1 Buy Back Email
Mail Them 6x9" Variable Print Postcard
Our In-House BDC sets Sales Appointments & Identifies Hot Leads
Dial-Into DMS to Provide ROI Report

Latest Reviews

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Tara Nelson
I would like to recognize Marisa Tils and the many other people that we have worked with at PSM Marketing. She specifically has worked with us at Valley Cycle & Motorsports to set us up with the best campaigns. She has walked us through email designs, kept in close contact with the graphic team, co-op and other components of open house events that we have had. With the team's help things have ran seamlessly and we have had some great results. I would recommend PSM to fellow business owners. Marisa does a spectacular job, always follows up and is very pleasant to work with. Thank you to each and every person that we have worked with at PSM. (Employee: Marisa Tils)
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Bryan Knitter
Cory helped get a mutual customer's website leads funneled into their CRM through our API. He was very responsive to emails and got the job done cleanly and quickly. (Employee: Cory Harkins)
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Kyle Murphy
Our dealership was working with Ray Mondragon who convinced us to do a campaign with PSM. $5,000 later we start to get leads in for a week or 2, out of the 20 total Hot leads/Appointments scheduled, we couldn't get but 2 of the individuals on the phone, they both came in and were so unqualified there was nothing we could do with them. Given the fact that we paid $250 for each of these prospects, you'd think there would be some validity and potential in the leads that were sent to us, but PSM produced ZERO results! As a Harley dealership with well know management in the industry we are going to make sure our colleagues at other dealerships don't make the same mistake. After a vain attempt to recall another 90 people in the hopes to drum up business, Ray and his team still could not produce anything for our business. I tried to contact the CEO but I guess our $5,000 wasted wasn't moving enough for him to reply to an email we sent. I assure you all the results their salespeople boast are beyond stretching the truth. I know this is likely not even going to be published because this review was written on their site and i'm sure they'll filter it out, but I believe compensation is due, and I hope this is seen by the right eyes that would make the judgement to respond and reconcile the issues we've had with PSM.
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Ashley Kioski
Alyssa explained everything very thoroughly and detailed. She was very patient with me and worked at my speed so I could take notes while we were talking. AND she sent me a detailed step-by-step how to guide as well. She's great and looking forward to working with her more in the future! (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
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Alyssa has been helping out 2 dealerships get ready for our web site launch, and taking care of the details for us. She has gone above and beyond to make sure we are ready, and informed on all web related concerns. She has been a huge help to us, and we look forward to working with her on our firestorm websites. (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
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Joseph Scharl
Alyssa has been one of our main points of contact since we started implementing our new website with PSM. She has a very friendly personality, plus she has gone way beyond the call of duty to make this a success. As we are nearing gametime (launch) and she has promised to remain vigilant to deliver a quality product with which we will be satisfied. Looking forward to seeing everything roll smoothly and keep up the great work! (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
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Megan Miller
I really appreciate his customer service and friendliness. Glad I have him to rely on! Thanks Taylor! (Employee: Taylor McCullough)
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JaneEllen Jones
Everyone is great! Everytime I call PSM, and I say who I am,the response is as if they have known me forever, upbeat ,loving, and careing. Of course when i call, i think i have the worst problem ever, not so after speaking to this great team. I could not ask for better. Sincerely, JaneEllen Jones Marketing Manager for Mike Bruno's Bayou Country Harley (Employee: Allison Brown, Elise Henley, Alyssa Hines, Sabrina Deyoe, John Ambuehl, Taylor McCullough, Tia Robinson)
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Greg Ditus
I have been involved with Powersports Marketing and John as our point man since 2012. That's seven years with the same company and fortunately the same Sales Ninja though probably only a brown belt at the time. Over the course of seven years we have shared in many success stories, from call blasts ,many sharpshooter programs, the introduction of the Firestorm email program to the introduction of our review site which currently has over 500 great reviews! Now to the present, we have experienced many challenges this year, staffing, changing markets and marketing approaches, limited budgets, but we are proud to say that we have overcome most obstacles in this changing market and are finding success! John's dedication and resources have been a pivotal part of that. As of now we are involved in a new month long marketing campaign targeted at many events and all departments of the dealership. All I can say is a simple Thanks to John (which is probably a third degree black belt badass by now) and to the staff at Powersports Marketing for help over the past years making Interstate Honda a success story www.interstatehondareviews.com/Reviews/EmployeeReviews/2178 (Employee: John Ambuehl)
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Margaret Bilby
Taylor was extremely helpful in training for mass marketing emails and automation. He was very patient and knowledgeable. He was able to help with questions outside of his expertise and offered to assist with some minor details. Taylor reached out the next day with answers and feedback from his team. Thanks for making my job easier! (Employee: Taylor McCullough)

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