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Identify customers and increase leads

Identify who's on your website and increase leads to potential buyers.

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Every day, your website has customers looking at new and used inventory. The problem is that very few website visitors take the time to fill out a quote request or other form on your website to identify who they are. In fact, studies show that less than 3% of the average dealer’s website traffic fills out a form. This means that more than 97% remain anonymous visitors. You have no idea who they are.

Imagine if you could know though… what if you knew that customer “Joe Smith” had been on your website 5 different times over the past 3 weeks and that he’s looking at a certain model, and yesterday he viewed 3 of them that are in your inventory right now. If you had that data it could make a big difference, couldn’t it? That’s where Website Tracking comes in.

When our system identifies a customer is browsing in-stock new or used inventory, we automatically send that customer an email with an incentive to buy. That can also trigger a follow-up call to explain your need of used inventory or give a personal invitation to come demo new/pre-owned inventory. Our Website Tracking system will help you sell additional units every month to folks you wouldn’t have otherwise even known were in the market. For more information call (877) 242-4472.

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