Bullseye Program

Multi-Channel Marketing

The Bullseye program puts your dealership in-front of thousands of your most viable prospects by utilizing several online and offline strategies. We boost traffic to your website. We get prospects to self-identify if they’re interested in buying something from you right now. We automatically send your website inventory visitors a buy-back email. Then our internal call center picks up the phone and sets appointments and generates Hot Leads for your team.

Discover More:
Identify Active, Inactive & Conquest Riders in Dealer's Top-Performing Zip Codes
Past Customers Re-targeted in Facebook & Instagram
3 Programmatic Emails sent to Past Customers
Prospects Self-Identify if they are in the Market
Completed Surveys & Email Clicks are Onboarded (Connect Device ID to customer information to track inventory page visits)
Inventory Page Visitors Receive a 1-to-1 Buy Back Email
Mail Them 6x9" Variable Print Postcard
Our In-House BDC sets Sales Appointments & Identifies Hot Leads
Dial-Into DMS to Provide ROI Report

Latest Reviews

Cust Photo
There is no way I could have made it through the process of changing websites without the help of Alyssa. She has been beyond helpful during this process. She explained how the new page works very well. Right now Gary is uploading a new bike into inventory and I am working on the event calendar and it is working great. Everything looks awesome and I feel comfortable knowing if I need any assistance your team will be there to assist. Thank you Alyssa and the entire team at PSM. (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Tom Shantz
Our group has been dealing with Alyssa Hines for a couple of months now, fine-tuning our new Firestorm website to fit our specific needs. We also recently had a training session with Alyssa so that we could learn how to manage parts of our website ourselves. Considering that our group is a bunch of non-technical, non-IT people, it was one of the clearest and most productive training sessions I've ever attended. The bottom line is Alyssa and the rest of the Firestorm support folks have truly been a Dream Team to work with. (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Jamie Gillard
Alyssa and Daniel have excellent helping us through a transition to a brand new website. (Employee: Alyssa Hines, Daniel Lindsey)
Cust Photo
Curtis Sloan
I wanted to say thank you for 2 days well-spent learning a higher level of marketing know-how than any OE dealer meeting seminar, 20-group, or media consulting firm that we've been exposed to in recent years! The venue, food, and time-away-from-the-store were excellent as well. It was especially worthwhile not only meeting the PSM team members that we interact with by phone and email, but the interaction with other dealers was priceless. At Sloan's, one of the pillars of our success is relationship-building with customers and co-workers, and PSM consistently demonstrates that same core value. I look forward to the next Boot Camp so we can send other members of our management team! -curtis sloan-
Cust Photo
Carla Carlson
I can't say enough good things about these two ladies! We have been working on updating our website, one page at a time {and it has been a lot of work and time involved} And every request and/or question that I have they respond and answer without any hesitation or delay. They both have met all of our needs/request each time. I feel like I've been a pain in their sides lately, because I contact them just about every other day {if not every day} and they are cheerful and always happy to help each time. We are very pleased with the look and the functionality of our website, its the best its ever been! Thank you Lauren and Alyssa, keep up the great work! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser, Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Ashley Kioski
Lauren has been continuously helping me get my stuff uploaded to the site while my log in is currently not working. And, she is also trying to dig to the bottom of figuring out why I'm having so many issues with logging in. I've been pretty particular with what needs to be uploaded to the site and she has met every need, without me having to go back to her with any corrections! So, from one OCD person to another (I know my kind when I see them ;), she's is awesome in my book!! Thank you again, Lauren!! YOU ROCK!! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser)
Cust Photo
Hugh Huff
Awesome (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Tom Shantz
Our organization, Smoky Mountain Harley Owners Group Chapter #3002, has recently been migrated over to a new website provided and managed by Firestorm. In the process, we have had several technical and functionality challenges in the switch from our old website. Alyssa has been amazingly responsive, helpful and solution-oriented throughout the process--even more impressive because she's guiding those of us with no relevant technical backgrounds toward satisfactory resolutions. Truly outstanding . . . can't say enough about all she's done and doing for us! (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Gentry Julian
I sent an email over to update a mutual clients website and less than an hour later the new update was up and running on all three websites. I was blown away with how fast the response was and how nice Tia was in helping our client get the best service possible. Thank you Tia! (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
Brian McClure
Awesome! (Employee: Marisa Tils)

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