Bullseye Program

Multi-Channel Marketing

The Bullseye program puts your dealership in-front of thousands of your most viable prospects by utilizing several online and offline strategies. We boost traffic to your website. We get prospects to self-identify if they’re interested in buying something from you right now. We automatically send your website inventory visitors a buy-back email. Then our internal call center picks up the phone and sets appointments and generates Hot Leads for your team.

Discover More:
Identify Active, Inactive & Conquest Riders in Dealer's Top-Performing Zip Codes
Past Customers Re-targeted in Facebook & Instagram
3 Programmatic Emails sent to Past Customers
Prospects Self-Identify if they are in the Market
Completed Surveys & Email Clicks are Onboarded (Connect Device ID to customer information to track inventory page visits)
Inventory Page Visitors Receive a 1-to-1 Buy Back Email
Mail Them 6x9" Variable Print Postcard
Our In-House BDC sets Sales Appointments & Identifies Hot Leads
Dial-Into DMS to Provide ROI Report

Latest Reviews

Cust Photo
Mike Pfab
Over the years, I've worked with a number of companies providing digital services. In my experience, it is rare to find one that can stand behind their promises and deliver top-shelf customer service, but that is exactly what PSM Marketing and Tia Robinson have done. Tia and her team provide the attention to detail across our multiple SEM accounts with lightning-quick response times. The follow-up on requested changes for our accounts is fantastic. Simply put, if Tia is handling it, it's going to get done and get done right. (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
Jim Snyder
Lauren was a pleasure to work with during the setup process of our new websites!! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser)
Cust Photo
Hugh Huff
Thanks Staci....great job with the set of slides ! Great work...WOW! Cheers, Hugh Huff
Cust Photo
Brett Sassaman
Lauren made the process of refreshing our website a breeze. She was attentive, great to work with, had excellent suggestions and feedback for our design, and ultimately helped us come up with the best looking / functioning site we've ever had. Thank you Lauren and team! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser)
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Whenever I have requested changes to our Website, Alyssa has responded promptly and accurately made the requested changes. It is great to work with a team member that understands our needs and works quickly to make changes to our website. Thanks! (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
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Chase Haggard
We share a mutual customer and Corey did a awesome job with helping us get is solved. He went above and beyond with his creativity and level of communication. (Employee: Cory Harkins)
Cust Photo
Laura Kensil
Alyssa has done an amazing job assisting me with all sorts of different questions, working with other departments, and fixing any issues quickly! I love working with Alyssa, and with the entire PSM Marketing team! :) (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Fort Fremont Marine
Wow... you are fast THANK YOU! And looks great (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Diane Ullrich
Expectations were set as to what we could expect and what was expected of us. We couldn't be happier with the site. (Employee: John Ambuehl)
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Pamma Hubbert
If you are fortunate enough to be able to work with John, than you understand what I mean when I say that he is a Silver-Tongued magician. You cannot get off a call with John and your day not immediately be 4000% better. From a Marketing stand-point PSM will deliver on everything that you need, and help brainstorm ideas to get results that you want. John will make sure your problems are solved ASAP, and if he cannot do it he finds someone who can just as quickly. John, Whiskers, and the rest of the PSM team have taken marketing to a whole new level. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. You won't be disappointed. (Employee: John Ambuehl, Brad Cannon)

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