Stop Getting Lackluster Results from Your Digital Marketing

Tory Hornsby | 10/26/2020

Discover a little-known multi-touch approach that utilizes only the best performing channels to increase business from your customer data base and your competitor’s customers!

If you’re like the other high-performing dealers we work with, you’re probably tired of your digital advertising. Maybe you feel like you should be getting better results, or your ads are stale and haven’t been updated in months. Perhaps the artwork and copy in your ads is lame. 

If you feel like your ads aren’t being updated or that they’re lame… guess what?  Your customers and prospects feel the same way, and it’s reducing the effectiveness and results of your budget. 

If you’d like to achieve better results, you’ve got to check out PSM’s Integrated Digital Marketing Program. This program leverages Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Remarketing so customers and prospects see you everywhere they go. Good digital advertising stays on you like a spider-monkey until you buy (thanks Ricky Bobby). You’ve probably looked at a product online, saw ads for it everywhere the following days, and ended up buying. We all have – that’s why this program works so well.

With the Integrated Digital Marketing Program, you pick the categories you to focus on. You get four categories by default, and you can choose more for small increase in your monthly amount. Most dealers choose the following: 1. The dealership; 2. An OEM (promo); 3. Parts special; 4. Service special. After you choose the categories, we go to work creating graphics and building the best digital ads that money can buy for your dealership. 

The graphic creation was a big factor when we created the Integrated Digital Marketing Program. Over the years, we’ve picked up the fact that a lot dealers struggle with whether they should hire a graphic artist. 

The need for graphic updates is expounded because there aren’t millions of people in your market area for you to target. This increases the importance of having new ads for them to see. When the small group of people see the same ad over and over, they learn to ignore you. We created the IDMP with this in mind. 

Each month you have the flexibility to change the categories or keep them the same. If a big OEM promotion comes up and you want us to move in that direction, we’ll jump on it. We update your graphics and optimize your ads monthly so your ads stay fresh and relevant. 

On a side note, if you’ve not checked out Firestorm Email lately, we have over 200 themes and hundreds of Done-For-You graphics to choose from. Schedule a demo and check our industry-leading open rates, marketing automation, and email hygiene system. It’s a really incredible tool.

Back to the Integrated Digital Marketing Program.  We invest your ad spend the very best way possible… targeting actual customers and real prospects. Nothing’s worse than wasting your budget on an unqualified people who won’t buy from you. That’s why we go after your past customers and a lookalike group of competitor’s customers. In other words, we strategically target the people who are most likely to respond and buy something from you. 

Lastly, we often hear grumblings from new clients of painful experiences with their previous provider. If you hate dealing with under-performing people at big companies who treat you like you’re just another number, PSM is for you. Our responsibility is to take care of our clients better than any other company can or will, and we take that seriously. We’ll answer the phone when you call, do what we say we’re going to do, and treat you like your business is appreciated. Because it is! Don’t just take my word for it, do a quick google search and check our Google reviews, or visit

So, if you’re interested in a multi-touch approach using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google Remarketing that targets customers and prospects to drive results in the categories that you choose every month and provides professional management with true monthly optimizations, then you’ll love this program. 

Schedule a demo by clicking the DIGITAL MARKETING link from our website.