What Makes PSM Different?

Tory Hornsby | 11/30/2020

If you’re ever in the Peachtree City, GA area, be sure to stop by our office for a quick tour. We love visiting with dealers and showing a little behind the scenes look at what makes PSM Marketing tick.  

One of the first things you’ll notice are the signs hanging around the office promoting our Core Values, Mission Statement, awards, team member plaques, some of our favorites quotes and even more. My favorite of all the signs features PSM’s Responsibility.

Our Responsibility: “Take better care of our clients than any other company can or will.” 


We take this responsibility seriously. In fact, we discuss what it looks like in our staff meetings.  We train our team based on it, including coaching client calls, emails, overall support and more. While we’re far from perfect, our dedication to fulfilling Our Responsibility only happens with a dedication to continual improvement. This attitude has led PSM to have the highest number of Google reviews in the industry. Search Google for “PSM Marketing in Peachtree City” to check them out. 

We do our best to truly live out our Organizational Flow Chart being flipped upside down. Below is an illustration of what this looks like. The left is a classic big dumb company with a CEO at the top who is served by an Executive Team. The Executives are served by the Managers, who are served by their Front Line Staff. Customers are at the bottom and often end up being an after-thought in their operation. 

On the right you see this flipped upside down. The CEO serves and enables Executives, who serve the Managers, who serve Front Line Staff. All of them exist to serve Customers, who are now at the top.  

We are one of the only organizations in the industry where you can get the CEO (Rod Stuckey) or myself (Executive Vice President) on the phone. Test this out and give us a call. Our chief purpose is to help our clients become more successful.  This includes a series of webinars that I lead every single week that are designed to get our clients to gain the most benefit from PSM Marketing’s products.

•    Firestorm Email (sending email and increasing inbox deliverability)
•    Firestorm Websites (inventory mgmt., SEO, how to add pages and other best practices)
•    Website Tracking (best practices, email automation & CRM integration)
•    Customer Connections (texting setup, social media integration & boosting engagement)

These webinars and their schedule are subject to change. For our current schedule, call or text 770-692-1750 or visit: 

Dedicated to your success,