Case Study: Hunter's Moon Harley-Davidson

Tia Robinson | 03/15/2019


Hunter’s Moon Harley-Davidson is Harley dealership with over 40 years of experience, heritage and customer experiences.  They are part of a 5-store dealer group in Indiana and while, they are able to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers because of the access they have to the dealership group, Hunter’s Moon wanted a website that was as unique as they are. Many dealers mistake a cool design, bells & whistles, and overall “Ooh & Ah!” effect with getting real results from their website. It’s the ‘smoke and mirror’s effect.’  So, Marketing Manager, Brittany Cooley, definitely wanted all the cool-factor of a unique new design, she wanted to ensure that her website did its primary job better than anything else – and that was to grow leads for her sales team.


After signing up for a new Firestorm Website, Brittany left a lot of the creative liberty to her web designer.  Her designer, Melissa Davis, brings decades of riding experience plus an eye for graphics that is unparalleled.  So, Melissa was able to provide a site design that was easy for customers to quickly navigate to the most popular pages, but also gave the Hunter’s Moon team that dark, edgy feel and related it to the “moon” element of their name – all without going overboard or getting cheesy.  

One of the additional factor’s in building out a new Firestorm Website is how effortlessly the content (such as lead data and inventory) linked up to the Digital Marketing through the LWD program.  
Inventory images are linked automatically to the Firestorm Email platform. Customer reviews are automatically displayed on the scrolling review widget (with customer photo) on the homepage.  Leads are automatically updated in the email list within Firestorm email.  And best of all, customers that visited an inventory page, automatically get an email the next day inviting them into the dealers…..Firestorm Websites launch a Marketing Automation program like no others.  And, Brittany was excited to take full advantage of working smarter through Marketing Automation to continue to grow sales.


Hunter’s Moon Harley-Davidson launched their new Firestorm Website on November 29th.  In the first full month (December) – which is a notoriously down month across the Harley network, they saw a 43% increase in leads over the previous December!  Woah!

Talk about a great first impression.  Brittany is able to reap the benefits of the effort she put into the new website transition by generating a TON more leads for her sales team and making the marketing side of her role much easier and more targeted to the hottest leads.

Does your website blend both custom design AND a major boost in lead generation – all while launching a highly targeted Marketing Automation program and integrating with customer reviews and your email list?  That’s a tall order, but Firestorm Websites do it easily and effectively.  Want to learn more about the platform and the Marketing Automation technology built in?  Give us a call today to schedule a FREE Demo of the Firestorm Website platform: 877-242-4472 or visit us online at 

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