What Gets Inspected Gets Respected

Rod Stuckey | 06/10/2019

Every Friday morning here at PSM we do a company-wide meeting with our entire team focused on our performance. We review a scorecard for each department and how it compares to last year. We cover our reviews leader board, we recognize team members’ birthdays and work-aversaries, and my favorite part is our show-and-tell. This is where a client’s results are put into a PowerPoint and presented by a member of each department. We also show off new features in our software and new campaigns, graphics, etc. All on display. 

I’ve been out of the office the past few Fridays and perhaps that’s the reason this morning’s meeting felt so compelling to me.  Taylor McCullough, our in-house Firestorm Email guru, shared how one email he built and deployed for a new client was the 3rd highest source of traffic to that dealer’s site; out of 43 total source.

Check out exhibit 1. One single (well done) email sent more traffic to this dealer’s site than Google pay-per-click, Bing organic,, Facebook and 30 plus other referring sites. Hot damn! That’s proof that properly executed email marketing gives you a solid bang for the buck.

Our Campaign Coordinator Manager, Sabrina Deyoe, was up next. She shared the results of an east coast Ducati dealer who we did a grand opening Sharp Shooter campaign for. Check out Exhibit 2. We generated 41 new unit leads, 29 pre-owned leads, 50 interested in clothing, 88 in parts and accessories and 42 service leads. All this from a sourced list with a Euro select criteria. This is remarkable, and I couldn’t believe these results!

After Sabrina shared the results of the Ducati Grand Opening event, Tory opened up a spreadsheet that displayed all of the leads generated this year same month compared to last year same month for all of our Firestorm website clients. Exhibit 3 is real data from a metric store whose PSM Firestorm Website is averaging a 54% increase in leads.  This was just one example, there were dozens of sites that had increases much higher. This is what sets Firestorm Websites apart from our competitors. Our focus is on conversions. We feel strongly that your site is intended to be much more than an online showroom or brochure, we feel its purpose is to generate leads and our sites do that better than any in the industry. And by the way, our sites inventory integrates seamlessly with Firestorm Email so you can send kick ass emails in a hurry.

Exhibit 4 is a screen grab of our review Leaderboard. You can jump over to to check it out. We also cover this in our Friday meetings to create a fun and competitive environment that encourages our team to send invitations to our clients to leave reviews. This consistent focus on reviews has earned us 558 reviews with an average star rating of 4.8 on our review site. It’s also the engine for creating another 150 plus 5-star reviews on Google. Our reviews and rankings app is much more than just a review acquisition system though. It’s marketing automation that boosts your CSI score by automatically sending, “Thanks for your new purchase!” emails and texts with customer photos.

How many website visitors did you have last month versus same month last year? How many website leads did you have last month versus same month last year? Who was the number one referrer of website traffic to your website last month?

How many door swings did you have last month versus same month last year? How many logs in your CRM did you have last month versus same month last year?

How much do you REALLY know about your business? Reality, data, and hard facts trump perception, emotion, and gut feeling. Whether your net is up or down, it’s important to understand the key performance indicators that drive those bottom-line results. 

One thing that makes PSM different than any other marketing company out there is that if we can not provide you with some type of quantitative way to measure the performance of what we’re doing for you, then we won’t do it. From websites to email to direct mail and reputation management, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business and show you what we can do. Give us a try at 877-242-4472.



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