DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Websites + Firestorm Email = Marketing Powerhouse

Tia Robinson | 03/31/2020
Did you know that the PRIMARY purpose of email marketing is to drive traffic to your website?  It sounds so simple, but that tunnel-vision purpose is what gives email marketing one of highest reported ROI consistently over most other media channels.
As I’m sure you know, at PSM we send a lot of marketing emails – both for our company and on our clients’ behalf.  So, we know how challenging it can be to continuously create emails that are engaging, compelling, and most importantly, drive traffic to your site.
That’s why we created the Firestorm Email platform.  Now this isn’t just any email newsletter tool.  It is the best in the industry for a few distinct reasons; here are just a few:
  1. It is simple to use – Big, clear buttons.  Lots of options that are simple and straight-forward.
  2. It is designed for the Powersports industry – nothing generic, lame or boring about the themes you’ll see in the Firestorm Email library.
  3. It has killer reporting – You can see who’s opening, clicking, what they are clicking on, and much more.
  4. It has email hygiene built in! – This is a feature that is not available with any other email platform, and it comes complementary with Firestorm Email. This keeps bad emails (fat fingered in at the service counter) from causing your email reputation to tank – and it keeps your emails showing up in inboxes week-after-week.
While Firestorm Email is an incredible email marketing platform in its own right, it gets SUPERCHARGED when bolted on to a Firestorm Website.  Here’s why:
Every single vehicle you have in stock on your Firestorm Website is already linked up, with images to your Firestorm Email account!
*insert mind-blown emoji here*
That means no more saving images from your site to your computer, then uploading them to your email, then copying the link from the website and pasting it into a hyperlink on your email.  We’ve done all that for you – automatically.  But, we didn’t stop there. We also connected all your homepage slider banner images to your Firestorm Email platform too….complete with links as well. 
So, by combining Firestorm Email to your Firestorm Website, we’ve not only made sending emails more reliable, better looking and easier to create – we’ve also automated the process that takes the most time and generates the biggest ROI – linking your emails to your specific inventory pages.  

Check out this video that shows you how simple this powerful feature is to use:

If you have a Firestorm Website and you’re not using Firestorm Email, give us a call today at 877-242-4472 to get this powerful tool bolted on to your site and watch your email marketing efforts drive a huge boost of traffic to your site (which ultimately results in more leads, more sales, more money!).

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