Is there any way to tell if advertising will work before I agree to it?

Tory Hornsby | 03/19/2019

There are 4 pillars in marketing that can be used to determine whether any advertisement you run will be a success or a failure. Here at PSM, every campaign we fulfill abides by the following:

1. Right Audience

2. Right Media

3. Right Message

4. Right Timing

You have to put a checkmark beside each of these pillars for any & all marketing you do. They’re like the 4 legs of a stool, if even one leg is missing – it will fail! For instance, you can use the perfect media mix, with a great message at the right time, but if you choose the wrong target audience… your campaign will NOT be successful.

Let’s dive into the each of four pillars a little deeper

1. The Right Audience - To determine the right target audience I always start by answering the following question: Out of everyone in your market area, who is most likely to respond and buy from you? The answer to this question helps avoid focusing strictly on psychographics and demographics, or what I like to call “lookalike marketing”. For instance, your average customer may be a male between 28 and 45 years old that lives in a $200k house and has a household income of $75,000 per year. At face value that that seems like a pretty good list of folks to target, but it would end up in an utter failure. In other words, just because someone is a male between the ages of 28 & 45, lives in a $200k house and earns $75,000 per year doesn’t mean they’ll do business with you. In fact, only 6% of people in America ride, which means you’d be wasting 94% of your money from the start. So, who is most likely to respond to your advertising? PSM Marketing only targets riders who live in your market area and are the most likely group of people to be in the market to buy right now. We not only identify past customers who are in the market, we also utilize a proprietary algorithm to create a list of conquest riders (new customers) and go after both groups (customers & conquest). This list is a big winner and it produces sales for every dealer we work with.

2. Right Media – When you have a specific list to go after, it becomes easier to choose the right media. Mass media like radio, TV, newspaper and billboards are not the right choice for a dealer because they attempt to target everyone, while only approximately 6% of the population in your state are riders. Plus, mass media is easy to miss with more people utilizing DVRs, satellite radio, changing the station when commercials come on, driving past your billboard and not noticing it, etc. Instead, PSM utilizes 1-to-1 media like direct mail, email, phone calls, texts, online ads, and more. Media that can specifically target a person who rides.

3. Right Message – Message is all about your design and ad copy. Think of an ad as ‘salesmanship in print”. You are selling prospects on why they should respond. NEVER to marketing that’s designed to build your brand or get your name out there. The opposite of branding-style advertising is Direct Response advertising, meaning there is a call-to-action with a deadline. If you’re not clear on exactly how you want someone to respond, they won’t.

4. Right Time – PSM leverages major holidays to tap into the conversation going on in the heads of your customers and prospects to increase results. We also drip out several different media over a 10-day period that are all integrated into a single campaign - this really increases response rates. There’s a lot more to share. Visit or call 877-242-4472 for more information.

Give PSM Marketing a try… our campaigns are successful because we target the right audience, using the best media, with a compelling message delivered at just the right time.

- Tory

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