Ask Tory: Featured Inventory & Marketing Automation

Tory Hornsby | 02/14/2020
Firestorm Websites take Featured Inventory to the next level by combining an easy-to-use interface with a leading-edge marketing automation system.  You can Feature and Un-Feature inventory in our Back Office one-by-one, or in bulk in a matter of seconds. 
Once a unit is Featured, it’s immediately showcased on your website.
Plus, dealers who have access to our Firestorm Email system are taking advantage of PSM’s ‘Marketing Automation.’ Our system automatically sends a Featured Inventory email to their entire list (or list segments) in order to increase website visits directly to inventory pages, which increases leads!
You can adjust how frequently these Automated Featured Inventory Emails send out, how many units they include, which day they send, what time they send, who the email is from, and even more… All without having to lift a finger. Once set up, the system runnings automatically, saving you time and money while driving traffic to your site and increasing leads!
I’ve recorded a short video with some more details on this process; check it out at: 
If you want to generate more traffic, leads and unit sales, consider getting a Firestorm Website. Give us a call for a quick demo at (877) 242-4472.

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